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Consciousness is an infinite energy field that creates the conditions to manifest different realities according to differing sensory perception. We exist in an abundant universe of infinite possibilities. If your current circumstances make that difficult to believe, look past them. Imagine a different life, a different world, a different you.

Dare to Dream Big. Dream big and crazy and wild. No one has to hear. It’s just you imagining, so go ahead. You’ve got absolutely nothing to lose and infinite realities to gain.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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  1. Terri Page
    Terri Page says:

    Love this. There is no one around to question what I’m dreaming up so why not. I just started your online course April 5. My friend in Ohio was talking to me on the phone about the number 5 and how the bank teller of 5th/3rd Bank told her that it is a powerful number. I told her she should go play the lottery. My friend is born 1955 too. Next she had to go to the store, Lucky Market. She called back and said she happened to only buy 5 items. Ok the next day on my walk in my favorite wealthy neighborhood I found $5 floating in water by the curb. Next I went to the gas station and this truck with a ladder sticking out was in front of me at the pump so I pulled up to another pump. I got out of the car and it was pump #5.OMG! 5, 55 was showing up everywhere. Ok the next day 555 came out in the evening draw. What is that? I sure would like to get my vibrational numbers from you. You showed up on my computer screen over 2 months ago. I’m a musician and a single mom and ooh I dooo have some big dreams. I believe I have pin pointed 2 of my core limiting beliefs so far. Thank you, thank you. I know you’re busy. 4/29/1966


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