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By the way, Warren Buffett, the world’s richest person, picks up coins when he sees one. His concept is , with each penny you pick up, it is a symbol of thousands of dollars coming to you in the future.  Millions perhaps.

I know a lot of people do not bother to pick up money that they dropped by accident. If they dropped 50 cents, they say it wasn’t meant to be theirs, or they feel undignified to pick up such a small amount. What they do not know is, if you do not treasure or respect the small, it tells a lot to the Universe (and your subconscious mind) how much you treasure money.

It shows your level of allowing and acceptance of All.your subconscious mind sees pennies as just MONEY not pennies. The pennies are just a symbolic image your mind uses to identify with MONEY this means one penny have the same vibratory frequency as 1 million Dollars.

When you disregard MONEY meaning pennies you are in effect sending a message to your subconscious that you don’t desire money but if you start to make a habit of desiring money hence pennies, dimes, nickels, quarters.

The message to your mind will be a money magnet therefore the subconscious MUST prove you to be right by allowing a constant flow of Money to always be in your life :)

Why don’t you give this a try?

Test yourself to see if what I’m saying is right.