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QUESTION:Mark, I am curious why you say that you don’t check your lottery tickets for weeks and just let them sit for awhile. Either they are winning numbers or not, or is there something else in the quantum field going on? Why not check lottery tickets the next day? I understand about not being attached to the outcome, but what is the difference if you check the tickets right away after the drawing or wait for awhile?

ANSWER:According to quantum mechanics The universe says you already have all the things you’ve been desiring in quantum form or the raw materials to manifest them. The key is to reach out and expect more of it, more money,lottery winnings,abundance,health,wealth etc.When we operate from this prospective it puts us in harmonic flow with quantum laws.checking your tickets every day or constantly monitoring the Lottery websites to see if you’ve won puts out a electro magnetic frequency wave of “needing or not having”.Think about this: when one already has something he or she is completely detached because they know they already have it.Already having it clears resistance so the Universe can give you more of it.Constantly checking and watching to see if your numbers come out put you in the realm of not having or needing otherwise you wouldn’t be constantly checking.Doing this sends a signal to the universe that you don’t have it so the Universe must respond to your frequency of not having hence giving more of not having which means more lack,The universe cannot give you what it believes you already have so it must give you more of what you don’t have which equals lack of abundance.